Tuesday, 26 January 2010

NEPAL: Nepali Pratibha Pratishthan UK (NPPUK) honors musicians, writer

By Bibek Bhandari

KATHMANDU, Jan 76: As an initiative to promote Nepali art and culture, the Nepali Pratibha Pratishthan, a UK-based organization, organized a program in Kathmandu to felicitate artists from the Nepali diasporas who have made significant contributions to the field of Nepali music and literature.

As culture expert Satyamohan Joshi presented Gurung with a shawl, Nepali topi and Rs 10,000, Gurung’s song “Naulakha Tara” echoed in the background. And as Rai received his Rs 30,000 award, “Mayale Mul Baato Bhulecha” refreshed the memories of the singer’s musical career. Rai also crooned a verse of the same song during his acceptance speech.

Kangmang Naresh, secretary of Nepali Pratibha Pratishthan, said the organization’s main objective is to promote and preserve Nepali culture, language, literature, music and art among Nepalis abroad. He stressed on the importance of Nepali language and said it defines the identity of Nepalis abroad.

Gurung said the honor from the UK-based group is special since “it’s from the people abroad who love their culture, literature and music.”

Abhi Subedi, writer and critic, comparing Bob Dylan’s music to Gurung’s, said his songs evokes themes about the changing times and the society as Dylan reflected in his songs.

“The power of his [Gurung’s] music includes various dimensions, such as Nepali identity, and reflects the emotional aspects of Nepali Diaspora,” Subedi said.

Speaking about Rai, musician Man Singh Gurung, who has known Rai since their teen years, shared his story about the duo’s dream of becoming musicians, their struggles and success from Darjeeling and Ilam to Kathmandu.

“If we dream and have the determination, it’ll come true,” he said.

As a message to young artists, Gurung asked them to “make music a profession” and added that support from the community would boost their motivation to work.

During the felicitation ceremony, Mijas Tembe’s collection of poems, “Artha Awataran,” and Naresh Nati’s compilation of songs, “Baato Khojda Khojdai,” were also released.

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  1. yo karykram chai kaile bhako hola ? thaha hunasakena ullekh pani bhaeko chhaina, bhanda chai pratisthan UK bhanchha ani kaarykram chai Ktm ma bhaeko dekhera haso lagchha ...

  2. ani Feri Nepal Ko Teri thufrai sangeetkar haru Jo bins aja samma kunai geet recording huna sakdaina thiyo, pariyar ,sunam, bardewa,sing ani thuprai Ko nam kahile pani audaina.gurung magar rai harule inailai pahila guru thape ani jaba sabaikura thute yes pachi guru dachina nadikana bhage. aja uniharu nai afulai thulo kalakar bhanauna ruchauchan. nepali haruko yo mapai byapar ani akritaghna manasikata dekhi ma wakka bhako chu.